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Rex Cargo is an Air Cargo Agency accredited by the “International Air Transport Association” (IATA) and is one of the operators with the largest volume in Central America. Throughout the years, we have developed a team of professionals supported by methods and procedures that ensure the highest level of compliance for all transport requirements “door / airport”, “airport / airport” and “door / door” and for goods of all kinds , size and value to and from anywhere in the world. We are present inside of all of the airports in the region which facilitates the delivery and recovery of the cargo at origin / destination and a streamlined process of internment and final delivery. Imports and destinations services from origins or to destinations outside of the Central American region are coordinated by correspondents with whom we have formally engaged in reciprocal representation agreements and who are mostly are integrated into our “on-line” web service platform

Our Services

Our Services

• Cargo and mail handling
• Special cargo handling (DG, VAL, AVI etc)
• Document handling
• Cargo tracing
• ULD control
• ULD pallet / container handling
• Customs control
• Truck/ Air Transfer Service
• Consol Break Down: 1. Procedures  2. Application Form  3. Scaned Sample Stamp
• Door to door service for domestic inbound goods: 1. Introduction  2. Entrusting letter  3. service charge
• Miscellaneous services as mutually agreed

Our Fees
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