REXAPP is the most advanced Road Transport Management System. Order and coordinate your local pick-ups and deliveries in the palm of your hand or in your computer wherever and whenever. 

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United Cargo

RexCargo is the handling and sales representative for United Airlines Cargo in Costa Rica, Honduras & Nicaragua. United Cargo operates more than 4,800 daily flights to 353 airports in 5 continents.


iContainers is the world’s most advanced ocean freight contracting platform. Select your origin and destination from the convenience of your computer terminal and enter a new dimension of ocean freight management. 


The first and the best automated road transportation contracting system. Consult our raters, service modalities and track your shipments at your convenience. No more calling, advanced payments, invisible and insecure shipments. 


The operations in RexCargo are developed in WebTracker. The entire process from international transport, customs clearance, asset management, administration and the details of the distribution of inventories are represented and controlled efficiently in a single system.

Import Duties Calculator

This public consultation application will allow you to access the Integrated Data Base (IDB) and the Consolidated Tariff Schedules Database (LAR Database) of the World Trade Organization (WTO), select markets and products, generate reports and download data. TAO is the acronym for Tariff Analysis Online.

RexCargo Blog

Learn about the latest news in the world of RexCargo. Projects, Corporate Social Responsibility programs, special activities, awards and topics of interest. One source for everything that happens in RexCargo.


Innovation is the driver of operations in RexCargo and RexTalks is the voice of innovation. Learn how RexCargo is changing the way logistics solutions are accomplished in the region and leading the way to the new technological horizon of the industry.

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Air Waybill Tracking

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