Published December 9th, 2018 (International Ant-Corruption Day) 

RexCargo management, employees, agents and subcontractors will not tolerate and will diligently report corruption at any level within the organization. We do not give or receive anything of value that could even appear to improperly influence a decision by us or someone else. We deal with our customers, suppliers, and regulators in an honest and straightforward manner. All parties within or acting on behalf of RexCargo regularly review this SNCP as well as the 912 Policy and make an effort to advance its principles within our sphere of influence.

Any person who identifies corruption, bribery or other related suspicious activity or risk, involving RexCargo can immediately can file a report with the Anti-Corruption Committee (ACC) by means of a written or verbal report to at least one (1) of its members. The form below is received directly by RexCargo’s ACC and its members are aware of their responsibility and therefore have accepted to be permanently available and in disposition to receive reports any day at any time.

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