About us:

Founded in 1975 as an air cargo agency and headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, RexCargo operates today as a fully integrated “Frontline” logistics organization throughout the Central American region. We own and operate a wide range of multi-purpose and special purpose warehouses, customized trucks and specialized equipment and protocols for the transportation and handling all kinds of goods, supported by an advanced technological platform at the service of our dynamic team of experts in all fields of the logistics environment. We maintain reciprocal representation agreements with “the best-in-class” logistics operators in the world and it is through these relationships, that we are able to execute customs procedures for EXW collection, international freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution and many other value added solutions anywhere in the world responsibly, diligently and transparently. 

In 2013 we became the first Central American company to implement the Cargo Wise system platform which enables us to integrate seamlessly with all of our offices and business units as well as with most of our foreign partners and customers. 

RexCargo is a subsidiary of the RexAmerica Group, a privately owned holding company with over 16 business units in Central America.

Strategic Considerations

  • The transportation and overall logistics of goods is the engine that powers Central America’s economy.
  • RexCargo is considered the most Trustworthy and and innovative Trade Facilitator in the region
  • Vertically and horizontally integrated operations across industries and trade lanes
  • Wholly owned and operated facilities and equipment in all of the Central American region. 
  • Sound financial situation
  • Global agent network comprised by 25 of the world’s TOP 100 logistics operators
  • Key competences in six industry verticals and industrial projects
  • Industry leadership in terms of compliance and innovation
  • Customer focused and flexible


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